English Guide About JNA

English Guide About JNA

English Guide About JNA

Japan Nailist Association

Japan Nailist Association (JNA) was established in 1985, and this year marks 30th anniversary of its establishment.
When the association was established, understanding towards artistic beauty of nail was not a common place in society. Therefore, this period can be considered the advent of a handful of pioneers who were individually practicing nail.
While promoting nail culture and improving social status of nailists were not an easy path, we have been steadily striving for growth and prosperity of the nail industry in Japan, along with the dedicated support from people who love nail. Each of those steps became driving force to promote nail culture. Today, nail has become everyday fashion, being deeply rooted in people’ s life. Also, it is becoming increasingly common for people to enjoy dressing their nails.
The association became an incorporated non-prot organization (NPO) in April, 2006. And since then, it has been continuing its activity with increasing awareness of its social mission.
We will continue to raise excellent nailists and aim to establish safe and secure nail skills and services which will be trusted by society and contribute to the development of the entire nail industry.


JNA is conducting a variety of activities to raise excellent nailists by improving their skills and knowledge, while promoting public awareness of nail culture in society.

Winter Period Nailist Examination Sponsored by JNEC


Authorized Educator Qualication Exam


Spring Session Nailist Examination Sponsored by JNEC
JNA Nail Trend(A/W) Announcement


Tokyo Nail Forum


JNA Gel Nail Examination


Asia Nail Festival in Osaka
Summer Session Nailist Examination Sponsored by JNEC


Authorized Educator Qualication Exam


Pink Ribbon Nail Art Collection
Fall Session Nailist Examination Sponsored by JNEC
JNA Nail Trend(S/S) Announcement


Nail Day (November, 11th)
Tokyo Nail Expo


JNA Gel Nail Examination