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JNA English event news
The latest nail technique and
trends will gather to communicate
the fascination of nail.
Besides Tokyo Nail Expo, one of the world largest nail festivals, we also hold various events such as Asia Nail Festival, Tokyo Nail Forum, and Nail Conference. At these events, we attempt to communicate fascination of nail art to society through competitions, stage events, seminars, and trade shows.

Tokyo Nail Expo
A Nail Movement spread from Tokyo to the World. The event has been the center of attention even outside of the country for its jam-packed contents, including a presentation of nail queen award for those who have made significant contribution to widely communicating the fascination of nail. For the number of participants exceed 50,000 within the two days of the event, it is unequivocally the world largest nail event.

Tokyo Nail Forum
This is a JNA’s big event in Spring held jointly with Beauty World Japan, the largest international all-round beauty industry trade fairs. The event sends out the newest nail information to Japan and to the world.

Asia Nail Festival
This is an east-Japan largest event held in Osaka every year in July. The number of participants are increasing every year. During the two days of the event, about 20,000 people join the event and make it a great turn out.

Nail Conference
A local event which communicates the latest technique and trends to each district by hosting stage events, seminars, trade shows, and free nail experiences.