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JNA English competition info
The source of high-level
of Japanese nail skills – the moment
of birth of a nail champion.
Every year, a competition is held at which participants compete with each other in nail skills and creativity in various forms. This high level competition is where you can witness a glimpse of world-class Japanese nail skills.

All Japan Nailist Championship
This traditional competition is held at Tokyo Nail Expo and Asia Nail Festival to select the Japan’s best nailist. At the competition, participants compete with each other in different groups, professional, free, junior and student, in their nail care, sculpture and nail skills.

World Nailist Championship
Only those who achieved high ranking positions in nail contests in and outside of the country are qualified to participate. It is considered the world best championship which selects the best of the best and is the central event of Tokyo Nail Expo.

Natiful Contest
The word, Natiful represents a new way of nail life in which people use beautiful nail to stage their every-day life situations. At the contest, participants compete following an assigned theme, and are judged based on the total coordination of their nails, hair styles, make-up, and costume.

Art Tip Award
This is an open content in which anyone who loves nail can participate. Based on a theme, participants paint original designs on 5 nail tips and submit them. All entered tips will be displayed at the event, and award winners will be decided based on voting from visitors.

All Japan Nailist Championship Regional Contest
Since 2012, All Japan Nailist Championship Regional Contest has started. A champion of each regional contest will be invited to participate in National Championship at Tokyo Nail Expo. Regional contests aim to facilitate the revitalization of local regions.