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Public Relations

JNA English public relations
Conduct a variety of activities to promote
nail for its further development.
JNA has been conducting educational activities to raise and support nailists. Also, it is engaged in various PR activities and international exchange for further development and improvement of the nail industry.

JNA Super Live
JNA’s proud top nailists hold performance based seminars every month. It provides an avenue for people to learn skills and information for salon business and licensing exams.

Nail Trend
JNA trend project involves expertsfrom various industries and it decides a theme for the newest nail trend. In April, a new trend for fall and winter is announced and in October for Spring and Summer of the following year, to appeal to the world from Tokyo.


Seminars provide learning opportunities for principles and knowledge necessary for nail practices and salon management. Seminars for nailist skill licensing exam preparation and hygienic managers are also held in various locations.

International Exchange

We exchange various information with people in the nail industry from around the world. Also, we facilitate the exchange and provide support for nail developing countries by holding overseas training tours for trade shows and competitions.

PR activities

To promote understanding and interest of people in nail, we conduct PR activities targeted at the nail industry, but also the beauty and fashion industries by publishing members only magazine--“Natiful”, and a nail market report--“Nail Guidebook” and by utilizing media such as a portal site, “nail.jp” which provides various information.

Publications and Textbook Materials

Including a textbook used by JNA authorized schools, “JNA Technical System Basic”, we publish textbook materials to learn appropriate nail skills and knowledge such as DVD materials which provide model skill performances and tips to prepare for licensing exams.

Nail Month and Day
November, 11th is the Nail Day and in November is the Nail Month during which various activities are conducted to promote nail. A variety of campaigns are also conducted at JNA authorized nail salons, schools and corporate membership companies.

Pink Ribbon Movement
JNA supports “Pink Ribbon Movement” which promotes early discovery, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. We conduct campaign activities via “nail” throughout the nation to promote the public awareness of the movement.