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JNA English certification details
The rite of passage to become a professional
nailist who can evaluate the appropriate
skills and knowledge of nail.
Licensing and qualication exams to improve the appropriate skills and knowledge as professional nailist. The exams have achieved established status as the rite of passage for those who aim to become a professional nailist. Licensing as well as quailcation exams include but not limited to: “JNA Gel Nail Examination”, Nail Salon Hygienic Manager Qualication Exam”, and “JNA Authorized Nail Salon Technician Qualication Exam.

JNA Gel Nail Examination
Licensing Exam

The exam aims to evaluate the skills and knowledge necessary for a professional nailist to practice gel nail at nail salon. There are three levels of exam: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

JNA Authorized Nail Salon
Hygienic Manager Qualification

This qualification is given to those who attended seminars following the hygienic management manual issued by JNA and passed the qualification exam. The qualification exam is intended to facilitate safe and secure nail services as well as public health by standardizing the hygienic management self-standard at nail salon. Qualification holders are presented with a certificate and badge.

18 years of age or older can attend the seminars. (No nail salon work experience is required).

JNA Authorized
Nail Salon Technician

This is a certification system to maintain and improve the standard level of skills of nailists, and also to raise nailists who can manage nailists’ skills at JNA certified nail salon. The certification is given to those who attended and completed Nail Salon Technician Seminars.

・20 years of age or older.
・More than three years of nail skill related work experience.
・Nailist Skill 1st Grade License Holder.
・JNA Gel Nail Skill Beginner Level License Holder.
※The above requirements must be fulfilled at the time of application.

All Japan Nailist Championship Regional Contest
The exam had been hosted by JNA since May, 1997. However, in order to ensure technicality and fairness of the exam, Japan Nailist Licensing Exam Center was established and exam administration as well as management responsibility was transferred to the aforementioned exam center in December, 2008. In July, 1st, 2012, Japan Nailist Licensing Exam Center was authorized as Public Interest Incorporate Foundation by the Prime Minster. Since its authorization, Japan Nailist Licensing Exam Center (JNEC) has made a fresh start and contributed to raising the value of licenses.