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  7. 2018 S/S 硝子 〜ガラス〜/English

2019 S/S 硝子 〜The Glass Art Craft〜

2019 S/S 〜Glass〜
テーマは『硝子 〜ガラス〜』2019 Spring&Summerの最新ネイルアートトレンド

The Japanese glass artcrafts are so intricate and crystal clear, and showcase the varied beauty of form and shape as textures and colors change according to the reflection of the light. Nothing performs otherworldly, beautiful magic better than the glass art craft. This season JNA represents an exquisite new look with the color and texture of glass.

Just like the glass beads showing mysteriously deep color as they catch the light, “Edo-Kiriko” is adorned with the engraving of geometoric patterns, and “Ryukyu glass” color melts into the scenery so naturally.
The glass colors adorn fingertips with pride of Japanese glass art craft,while the soft and transparency of Chinoiserie Milky Jade and Vivid Pink velis the desert town, adding an exotic and mysterious feel.

Once the fingertips are dressed with these glass colors, infinite beauty starts to sparkle as they catch the light, achieving so divine, graceful, and exquisite a look as only the texture of glass can bring.

『Glass 〜The Glass Art Craft〜』

2019 S/S 硝子 〜ガラス〜

Glass 〜The Glass Art Craft〜 The Four Look of the New Collection

Morocco Candy

Morocco Candy
The vivid and clear or soft and matt-y textured colors are reminiscent of the sand blown by the wind and dancing in Moroccan desert.


The crystal clear blue of “Edo-Kiriko, the pride of Japanese glass art craft, that further increase delicacy and coolness as it reflects light.

Chinoiserie Milky Jade

Chinoiserie Milky Jade
The soft, milky green of opal glass and jade that together embody the miracle of nature, adding a mysterious, otherworldly, and graceful feel.

Ryukyu Pastel

Ryukyu Pastel
The variation and mix of metallic texture and pastel color reminiscent of sun, ocean and green, adding a touch of season’s trend.

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