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2018 A/W MAUVE

テーマは『MAUVE 〜遊び心と品格〜』2018 Autumn&Winterの最新ネイルアートトレンド

Mauve is a color for grown-ups that gives healing and great comfort
to everyone of us with just one look.
So dimensional that it can change looks drastically,
rendering the coolness of a clear cold ice, creating a devine,
noble and graceful feel at times; appearing so warm,
sweet and nostalgic that it recalls memories of good old days,
yet can be so contemporary when the texture is changed at times.

Mauve changes moods just as a woman changes looks everyday.
And today, what does your Mauve say about you?

『MAUVE 〜Playful and Graceful〜』

2018 A/W MAUVE 〜遊び心と品格〜

MAUVE 〜Playful and Graceful〜 The Four Look of the New Collection


The shine of a crystal clear mauve that dresses up the fingertips, rendering a cool, sylish and confident feel.

fluffy MAUVE

fluffy MAUVE
Mauve nails adorned with fur, feathers or mixed with the warm hue of cashmere to let personality shine through, giving a touch of nostalgia.

personal MAUVE

personal MAUVE
The deeper the hue, the richer it looks as sensuality exudes. The noble dignity of mauve stops feeling too girlie.

retro MAUVE

retro MAUVE
The classic, smokey hue that is a cut above the rest. The soft, calm, and retro mauve with some nostalgia reminiscent of an ancient European city.

We continue to place a work that is inspired.

MAUVE 〜Playful and Graceful〜 The Four Look of the New Collection

personal MAUVE personal MAUVE
retro MAUVE retro MAUVE
fluffy MAUVE fluffy MAUVE
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