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2017 S/S 春はあけぼの

2017 S/S Dawn of Spring
テーマは『春はあけぼの』2017 Spring&Summerの最新ネイルアートトレンド

Dawn is the moment when the brightness of the sun and the darkness of the night melt as one. This is the mystical time of day that moment every one of us would miss and once gone and it’ s gone forever. This same old scenery of dawn evokes timeless beauty from an ancient era, that moves our emotion even through the rapid flow of time. For 2017 SS collection, JNA represents a new nail collection inspired by the world of Japanese classical literature, reflecting “The pillow book” of Sei Shonagon, and the beauty of the dawn described in the book as “In spring it is the dawn that is most beautiful” . Like the shades of sky gradually changing before dawn, These Japanese whimsical hues slowly awake the world to the dawn of beauty.

Key color / Dawning Blue

- The color covering the sky before dawn -
Capturing the most beautiful moment of the day by the variation of the blue shades, from deep “Orion Blue” to pure and clean blue. Mixing these shades and creating complex colors to perfectly express the subtle and beautiful scenery of dawn, change of the season and flow of time, and even the humidity of the air.


MYSTICAL POWER The Four Look of the New Collection


Simple, sophisticated and not overreaching. “smart sporty” look that projects inner strength.


Adding a hint of cuteness of a little girl to adult’s nails, creating the coveted “Adult-cuteness=otona Kawaii” look while projecting intelligence and the sense of humor within.


The edgy, urban and sophisticated look completed with African and graphic patterns in vibrant hues.


Creating the look of timeless and universal beauty with a hint of trend. An attempt to update “today’ s conservative style” that goes with the flow of time.

We continue to place a work that is inspired.

「Dawn of Spring's MYSTICAL POWER」

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