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2017 A/W はじけるピンク

テーマは『はじけるPINK』2017 Autumn&Winterの最新ネイルアートトレンド

Pink is the color that enhances charm
and adds a touch of femininity anytime you wear it on the fingertips.
It is the color to remind us of fun times
and the innocence of good old days, yet can be such an intoxicating color
as to hint at sensuality.

Pink is a special color for women of all generation.
Pink always comes as a fresh surprise.

Once you wear pink upon the fingertips, the pink surprise will pop!

Keycolor Pink

『はじけるPINK』 『はじけるPINK』

HAJIKERU PINK The Four Look of the New Collection

Go Pink, Again

Go Pink, Again
Here comes good ole pink again. The compatible pink to any skin color will cast a gentle and passionate spell on the fingertips.

Key colors: coral pink, salmon-pink, orangey-pink

Pink, Absolutely

Pink, Absolutely
The breathtaking beauty of a noble pink slays. The ultimate basic pink always enhances the beauty of the fingertips.

Key colors: milky pink, beige pink, baby pink.

Pink: More!

Pink: More!
Pink of keen and wild desire that calls for a pins and needles type of anticipation, composes the top trend, showing the power and strength within.

Key colors: fluorescent pink, bluish pink

Pink Ventures

Pink Ventures
The playful pink has no rule. Every time you play with it turns out a fresh and dramatic surprise. The futuristic pink to play it gorgeous or cool, to your taste.

Key colors: textured pink, metaric (mirror)pink.

We continue to place a work that is inspired.


Main Theme Go Pink, Again Pink, Absolutely Pink: More! Pink Ventures
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