2016 A/W a-un

『a-un』2016 Autumn&Winter

Expressing the world lies in the infinite sensitivity and sophistication of the colors that keep in moisture and accentuate the vividness — this is Japan texture. Now, showcasing the genuine art of fingertips of the internatially acclaimed Japanese nail masters. Urushi lacquer, Yuzen dyeing, and Makie technique are the traditional Japanese arts attracting attention all across the world. So do the Japanese modernity seen in the sense of “kawaii” and the sophistication in product design———all is the pride of Japan. “a-un” —— the essence of Japanese beauty expressing the subtle rhythm of breathing, will breathe the ultimate sense of existence into each fingertips of the urban woman.

Keycolor Damp Red

Damp Red is the color that eloquently expresses Japansese art.
Stylish, voluptuous, coquettish, and noble —
this inspiring color with a variety of visual presentations,
according to the design and texture, will add the one-of-a-kind touch to the nails.



The 4 styles to complement “a-un” ~JapanTexture~theme

Sporty Sporty
Expressing the image of a lithe woman who unleashes the energy within by a healthy design wearable daily.

Kawaii Kawaii
Expressing the image of “kawaii” that brings a smile and is only allowed to be worn by a grown-up woman, by adding the playful and witty touch.

Emotional Emotional
Expressing the feeling and emotion of the woman who lives inspiring urban life by the artistic design.

Conservative Conservative
Expressing the absolute “classic” and the authentic beauty who is so dramatic and breathtaking.

We continue to place a work that is inspired.


  • Sporty
  • Kawaii
  • Emotional
  • Emotional
  • Conservative