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  7. 2015 S/S GENTLY GRACEFUL/English


テーマは『穏やかに、たおやかに ~GENTLY GRACEFUL~』2015 Spring&Summerの最新ネイルアートトレンド

Created to honour the strength, gentleness, and the sparkle inside in a modern day woman, 2015SS new look “gently, graceful”, the collection of new nail looks tells a story of how to express and pursue the cool as well as masculine beauty of a woman with volitional power.Having set “frosty yellow” as key player for this season, with image if the sun in mind, this collection is all about the blending and layering of colours and texture, creating graceful shine and sparkle like the light that comes from inside – as if a veil of light gently wraps fingertips. And by mixing the romantic nature and the graceful nature of a Japanese woman, new look sets a new touchstone of beauty, and realizes every individual’s beauty shine.


GENTLY GRACEFUL collection of 4 ways to transform the nails.

Dot JP Modern  [the old brand new]

Dot JP Modern [the old brand new]
Applying refined Japanese traditional colours to express grace and beauty of Japan that lives in each of the traditional hand works as Neo JP modern.

Poetic  [beauty of nature]

Poetic [beauty of nature]
Inspired by the fine feathers of birds, leaves, insects that are see-through under the sunlight, expressing the beauty of nature with a milky-white/ opal hue in a poetic haze.

Offshore  [the gentle current]

Offshore [the gentle current]
As seen in textured white and a the flower in a calmer hue, expressing the gentleness of womanhood by a light nature hue with an ethereal feel.

Egoistic  [me, myself and I]

Egoistic [me, myself and I]
Applying matt metallic /cloudy hue to express über cool beauty of a woman with a calm and provocative attitude.

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