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JNA English authorization info
Toward solidifying
high-level of reliability
based on security and safety:
JNA provides various licensing exams, in order to improve nail skills and services, as well as to promote appropriate and reliable nail skills. JNA certificates nail salons, educational institutions, educators, and nail industry associated companies which meet the certification requirements of JNA and support its social mission and the purpose of its activity.

Authorized Nail School

Quality educational services which ensure the high-level of passing rate for licensing and qualification exams:

Certified schools provide curricula designed for licensing and qualification exams. In certified schools, students can learn advanced knowledge and skills from JNA certified instructors and educators. By providing all-round support for students to receive licenses and skills necessary to become a professional nailist, the schools ensure the high-level of passing rate for licensing and qualification exams.

Special Offers to Support Progress
Certified school students receive offers to join JNA sponsored events and contests at a special discounted price. The students can attend seminars with a special deal to improve their skills. Also, there are other special deals which provide students with a privilege to participate in licensing exams and test preparation lectures for the hygienic manager qualification exam at certified schools.

Choose Your Schools for Your Various Learning Purposes
Not only for those who aim to become professional nailists, some certified schools offer lessons specifically designed for people who want to enjoy nail art as a hobby or simply learn to groom their nails. Using after-five, students can attend schools and take licensing exams. They can also choose schools depending on their purposes.

Newly Implemented HQ Authorized School System
Since 2014, the system has been implemented to designate educational institutions which maintain years of accomplishment and high standard nail education, as “JNA HQ Authorized Schools.”

Authorized Educators

This certification is awarded to nail technicians who have passed nailist examination 1st grade as well as JNA gel nail examination, while fulfilling the standard requirements and passing an annual qualification exam.
Authorized educators with high aspirations act on their free will as an active member of JNA educators committee, and contribute to the promotion and development of nail by taking a responsibility as an event organizer, proctor of a licensing exam, contest judge, and instructor of various seminars.

Authorized Nail Salons

Our certification represents safe and secure nails salons. Special offers are available for authorized salons to receive additional support for management instruction, staff training, and advertisement.

Licensed Nailists with Reliable Skills
Authorized nail salon establisher (representative) is a certified member of JNA. Each salon is managed by a technical manager designated by JNA and also has one technical supervisor (nailist licensing exam 1st grade holder). Therefore, at each of these salons, certified nailists with excellent sense of beauty and reliable skills provide their services.

Focus on Hygienic Aspect of Safety and Abide by the “Hygienic Management Self-Standard.”
Each salon employs one nail salon hygienic health manager license holder as hygienic management supervisor. The hygienic health supervisor provides the best salon environment with a careful attention to the sanitization of equipment, ventilation and lighting, based upon the “hygienic management self-standard” established by JNA.

Required Compliance with Laws and Enrollment in Insurance for Customer Safety
All of our certified salons are required to be in compliance with the laws in regard to salon management, such as the medical act, pharmaceutical affairs act, specified commercial transaction act, and personal information protection law. They are also required to enroll in liability insurance to be prepared in case of unforeseen accident.

Authorized and Registered Product Companies

These companies manufacture, import, and market nail related products as an official corporate member of JNA. The companies which support the social missions and purpose of JNA’s activities are certified. JNA certified companies support JNA’ activities with high goals and ideals.